Calligraphy in art show

I have a work of calligraphy on display as part of the curated student works in the Asian Art Now exhibit at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto from February 1 to 21.

My teacher, Yu Chun Hui, is one of three teachers with works at the exhibit.

Image from Pacific Art League FB


ocean calligraphy 被點為 Tumblr 焦點部落格 ocean calligraphy featured in Tumblr spotlight


Tumblr 通知我說要把 ocean calligraphy 列為「字體字型」的焦點部落格。還真的出現了!因該是因為沒有很多中文書法的部落格吧。

I was contacted by Tumblr that they wanted to feature ocean calligraphy in the typography category. And there it is! It looks like it only shows up when the browser is set to Chinese. There’s probably not a lot of Chinese calligraphy blogs on Tumblr.