New goals

It’s that time around mid-year where I start thinking about my goals, and invariably change the goals I set before.

I read a book on Chinese calligraphy history, and it has greatly influenced my desire for changing my goals.

My new goals are to thoroughly learn seal script and clerical script. Seal script is the foundation for clerical script. There are many different models clerical scripts to learn.

The idea is to become comfortable with them to be able to learn clerical script that has been written on bamboo, which will be the beginning steps to learning cursive script.

Now about doing two works this year. I did get one finished piece done in the beginning of the year for a student show. But maybe that doesn’t count? I should aim for at least one work by the end of the year.

I also want to work on handwriting and pen calligraphy. I need to go back and refresh French calligraphy. I would like to finally start practicing Chinese handwriting.

Do you have any calligraphy goals, either for the summer or the rest of the year?


Calligraphy brush earrings

It looks like the National Palace Museum shop has some earrings that are modeled off of calligraphy brushes.