Focusing on brushes for Western calligraphy

When I started Western calligraphy, I found that there were many tools. Unlike Chinese calligraphy, which is only written with a brush, Western calligraphy has many possible tools. The main ones would be pointed pen and edge pen. Other tools include brush markers, glass pens, fountain pens. I dabbled with many tools when I first started Western calligraphy, not knowing which was the best or worked well for me.

Since I had different tools for Western calligraphy, I started thinking about Chinese calligraphy with these different tools as well. The tools for 硬筆書法 hard pen calligraphy include pencil, pen, and fountain pen. But so far I have not had the time to explore 硬筆書法。

With all the tools available, I think it’s time to focus on one tool and work on it. To complement my work in Chinese calligraphy, I’ve decided to focus on the brush as a tool and not worry about other tools for now. This allows me have more flexibility in future projects to combine both types of calligraphy.

I have some brushes to test for Western calligraphy. I’m trying smaller and smaller brushes to see if I can create lines as thin as pointed pen.

There are six months until I take a brush Roman workshop. I’ll be using the time from now until then to work on preliminary exercises. I need to become comfortable holding a flat brush the way I hold brush for Chinese calligraphy. This is completely new, but will definitely be an interesting technique to learn!


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