Goal check-in

Since it is halfway through the year, it seems like a good time to check in on my goals. I did not specifically set my goals as year-long goals. It might even be time to change some goals.

I did accomplish learning French cursive. I feel reasonably comfortable with French cursive, although it will take some more practice since it is much different from my regular handwriting.

I have not started working on writing Chinese beautifully with pen or pencil. I do have some new tools to start working on it. I really do want to get to that soon.

Running script is still my current focus for Chinese calligraphy. I have some ideas for works, but it will take some planning and practice.

I am putting drawing aside for the time being, even though I do not really want to. I really need to focus on colors. But maybe I can have a simple goal of having one drawing exercise done a month.

There were some things that I explored that were not part of my original goals. I have been exploring splash ink and abstract watercolor on different types of Chinese paper. I think this brings a new dimension to my Chinese calligraphy, and is something that I will continue doing.

I took a workshop on carving stamps. There is a relation to carving and Chinese calligraphy because of the art of making seals. I do not know if I will learn how to carve seals in the future, but learning basic stamp carving seems to be a step in that direction.


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