Pop-Up Meditation at the Asian Art Museum

I had the chance to attend two Pop-Up Meditation events at the Asian Art Museum. The first workshop was on mindfulness and tea, where we learned to use our senses in the practice of brewing and drinking tea. The second workshop was a guided meditation.

Chinese calligraphy is often described as a form of meditation. When I first started Chinese calligraphy, I definitely felt calmed and focused. However, lately I have felt calligraphy has been rolled into the frenzy of life. When I start a practice session, I think about future projects and which scripts to learn next. It became clear to me that I was losing the the meditative side of calligraphy, and needed to work on meditation separately.

I see working on meditation separately similar to an athlete doing strength and conditioning separate from practicing their sport. Practicing calligraphy has become time for me to work on my technique, and develop my art. But working on my meditation will help me center myself to be able to produce the best work possible. I hope by working on meditation separately, I will then be able to work it back into my calligraphy practice.


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