Watercolor Brush Lettering workshop with Nicole Miyuki Santo

In the beginning of the year, I was able to attend a workshop by Nicole Miyuki Santo. I first noticed Nichole’s work on her Instagram, and was really happy to find out she was holding a workshop near me. It was a great workshop where we learned the basics of watercolor brush lettering.

A major bonus of Nicole’s classes is that all the supplies come in a reusable wood box. It contains all the paints and paper for the class. There is a handout with notes. And there are additional paints to play with at home.

It was a great workshop. We learned beginning brush strokes and practiced some letters. Then we worked on putting the letters together to form words. Nicole coached us every step of the way. We also discussed how to form a final design.

I learned a lot about brush control for writing English. My experience with Chinese calligraphy and watercolor helped a bit in the sense that I was not new to using a brush and watercolors. My experience with brush pen lettering seemed to help as well. But with any new tool there are different adjustments to make.

I really like Nicole’s approach to design and style. Even though we were practicing her style to understand shapes and brush strokes, she also emphasized that each person’s handwriting is different, so we would have different styles to writing letters. It reminds me of the way we learn Chinese calligraphy, where we learn different styles of different calligraphers, but in the end we also develop our own style.

Back at home, I decided to apply my knowledge of watercolor brush calligraphy to French cursive. I used it as the basis for handletteredABCs February challenge on Instagram.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was really fun and my letter ‘R’ was even featured!

I really like using watercolors for calligraphy. Colors can be mixed to create new ones. One brush stroke can also create different values, resulting in a gradient. I’m excited to create more English calligraphy with watercolor.


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