French cursive majuscules

I knew before I started that majuscules (upper case letters) would be more difficult for me than miniscules (lower case letters). Some letters were easier than others depending on the similarity to my regular handwriting. There are also a lot more loops in the majuscules compared to the miniscules.

I had trouble remembering how to write certain letters. It took a lot more practice to get to the point where I could write the letter from memory. I think it was good practice and a good lesson. A lot of practice is necessary to develop the muscle memory to produce consistent letters.

I found one fun way to practice majuscules is to practice spelling or phonetic alphabets. There is one word per letter of the alphabet. Those in the U.S. may be familiar with the NATO phonetic alphabet. I have written out the French spelling alphabet:


I think I have a pretty good grasp of the majuscules and French cursive in general. It is not perfect, and there are plenty of places for improvement. But I think it is a good start, and I have seen improvement in other aspects of my calligraphy practice. I will keep practicing French cursive to make sure I maintain and improve this form of handwriting.


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